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Many of my friends and top fans have already joined me on Patreon, where I’m now posting videos daily, uploading all of the concert videos we have and I’m even sharing rehearsal videos so you can actually see the new music I’m working on before anyone else hears it.  If you’re interested in having more access to me, more access to my live videos, more access to my music, read on or watch the video I made for you on this page.

The music business you grew up with is gone.  What’s left of the record business has turned its back on the vintage rock and roll you love.  There’s no chance for young singers like me who sing the music you love in the traditional record business.  So, my Patreon page takes the idea of patronage – which is a really old idea – and helps to solve the problem of where most of us young artists find ourselves today. 

Years ago, if someone liked your record, they bought that record, and the singer and musicians got paid when they did. Streaming music, and things like that, have put an end to singers making a living by putting a record out. The other part of the music business of course is live concerts, and as you know we haven’t been able to have one of those in a very long time. I’ve been excited to go online every day and share little bits of myself on Facebook, and I’ll continue to do that.  But a lot of the songs that I share involve pre recorded music and, as you probably heard, Facebook is now restricting that.

If not for patrons we wouldn’t have Romeo & Juliet, the Mona Lisa, Mozart, Shakespeare, and Da Vinci. They all had patrons. Now I’m not asking anybody to write a big check so I can go off and create my new album, and joining me on Patreon is actually very reasonable – about 15 to 30 cents a day.

You’re going to get access to all my music videos including songs from a 90-minute private concert that we taped just a couple of months ago. You’re going to get behind-the-scenes videos of me working on new songs and backstage videos when the concerts start up again. Every month we’re going to do an interactive live video chat. You’ll get presale codes for my upcoming concerts so you can get tickets to see me and all of the stars of the 50s, 60s and 70s before the tickets go on sale to the public, and I’ll even make a personalized video for you or a friend for a special occasion, and even sing a little of your favorite song just for you!  Plus… I like to start every day with a positive thought, so I decided to share a little video each morning with you, so if you could use a little positivity in the morning I’ll be on Patreon around 8:30 every morning to help you start your day off with a positive note.